What does "Scheduled to Ship" mean?

Items with a status of ‘Scheduled to Ship’ are being processing for delivery and scheduled to arrive at your home within the displayed time frame.

Items may be in "Scheduled to Ship" status for different lengths of time depending on a variety of factors.  Some items are shipped directly from a brand's fulfillment center, while others are shipped to our warehouse first for repacking and shipping to your home.

You can check the Estimated Arrival Date for your items by visiting the Orders section in My Account.
Once on the Orders tab in My Account, click on the order number and you will see the estimated arrival date for each item in your order.  If you do not know your order number, you can locate it by looking at your order confirmation email.

Click on the order number to view the status for each item in your order.

Top: Item is scheduled to arrive at your home between the dates listed
Bottom: Click on the tracking number to monitor the progress of your package with the shipping company.

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