Shopping Questions

  • How do I sign up?

    Go to Join One Kings Lane and enter your name, email address and (if applicable) the friend's email who referred you. It's fast, easy and free!

  • When do sales start?

    New daily sales, including items in Vintage & Market Finds, start every weekday at 8am PT / 11am ET. Tastemaker Tag Sales™, featuring furniture, accessories, and vintage selections curated by leading design visionaries, start every day at 8am PT / 11am ET and Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6pm... Click Here to Read Full Answer

  • How long do sales last?

    Most sales last a total of 72 hours. Vintage & Market Finds items are available for 5 days or until they sell. Quantities are limited, so shop early to avoid missing out on something you love. Hot items go fast!

  • How will I know about new sales?

    As a member of One Kings Lane, you'll receive daily email newsletters announcing our new sales. Please visit our Upcoming Sales Calendar to get a sneak peak of what's coming next. You can also subscribe to the weekly calendar of upcoming sales by updating your Email Preferences in My Account.

  • Where does the merchandise listed on Vintage & Market Finds come from?

    Inventory is sourced from an extensive array of vintage and antiques dealers across the country.

  • Can I shop by seller as well as by category in Vintage & Market Finds?

    Every seller has a unique Vintage & Market Finds storefront you can visit to learn more, and to explore any other items that seller currently has on Vintage & Market Finds. You’ll find a link to the seller’s storefront in every product listing.

  • How is Vintage & Market Finds different from Tastemaker Tag Sales?

    Tastemaker Tag Sales last 72 hours and feature assortments curated by design-world personalities. Vintage & Market Finds is a dynamic, perpetual marketplace that lets you shop by category, with lots of fresh inventory added daily.

  • What happens to items in my cart when a sale ends?

    In most cases, when a sale ends, the items in your cart are no longer available to purchase. However, if the items are still available in a different sale on the site, you can re-add them to your cart.

  • What if an item is Sold Out? Is it gone forever?

    If an item appears as SOLD OUT, it unfortunately means that it is no longer available for purchase. Please visit our Upcoming Sales Calendar because sometimes a favorite brand will pop up again. Finally, if you're in love with a brand and would like to see it featured in one of our sales, please co... Click Here to Read Full Answer

  • How do I know the items for sale are authentic?

    One Kings Lane procures every item directly and exclusively from brands and designers. We guarantee authenticity of each and every product we sell.

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